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Mountainbiker in der Luft
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Selva and the neighborhood, one paradise for Biker!
Route Selva Panoramatrail
The Tour starts in Selva, then you go till to Madreda here turn to direction Torn. Now starting a rapit downhill-tour till to Lake Lago di Poschiavo in Le Prese and forward to direction Poschiavo. From there to climb the direction North till to Privilasco nearly Massela you must go from the Street to the narrow paht from here you follow this path to the highest point from this Tour to Val 1631 M. ü. M. Now it goes up and down across the Val da Guli with a wonderful panorama view via forest till to a green high plain comes, in Clef is go downhill to Selva across Vamporti. Overall length circa 26 km you need time circa 3 hours.
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